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If you don't already have a campaign office setup and don't want to use your home address on your filings we will act as your registered agent (your official address) for filings and correspondence. This is a free service.
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This is a free service, we will obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) on behalf of your committee. If you don't already have a committee formed you need this
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This is a free service, we will open a bank account in your committee name with our local bank. In some cases (e.g. San Francisco) you will be required to open an account in the City yourself. Generally we can do it for you.
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This is a free service, we will open an ActBlue account in your committee name. This feature is only available to registered Democrats
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This is a free service, we will be listed as the Treasurer for your committee... This really only means we will be able to file forms and process payroll at your direction. It's not required, but available if needed. Can always be changed later!
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We can process payroll for you. Having employees is not required, and also not common, for early / first time candidates. Payroll services can easily be added later!
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We will work with you to get you on-boarded with one of our partners at a good rate!
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